A conference in the pine forest

The New Year all the year MOTOR is not only an engine of a car or a boat, it also abbreviates Methods of Optimization Theory and Operation Research, the oldest Russian conference in optimization. It has started in 1969 in Irkutsk, on Baikal and since then, has changed multiple names and places. MOTOR2021 takes place… Continue reading A conference in the pine forest

Just as a mathematician

A building in the center Beautiful two-story building in the center of Khabarovsk, made of red and grey bricks, like many historical houses of the beginning of the last century. Inside, on the floors, sofas, chairs — cardboard boxes with books on number theory, plane geometry and analysis. In less than two months, the research… Continue reading Just as a mathematician

Saturday math club in Khabarovsk

Not easy to think about math in Summer! Third of July, Saturday afternoon. Heavy sun, humid air. Ice cream kiosks stand out on Amur boulevard. Mathematical lyceum is empty, except for one room with six eight-graders and three mathematics teachers. This is the Math Club! Pupils have distracted smiles and relaxed postures. This is in… Continue reading Saturday math club in Khabarovsk

We’re now officially good to go — all papers and procedures are completed for a safe and full trip in Russia between the 30th of June and the 2nd of September.

You can follow us on this map (also displayed on the home page), we will update it au fil de l’eau — and as soon as we get internet (meaning in cities most likely, but not in the train!).

We’ll cover our meetings with heroines in this blog, so keep in touch!

An interview with Marie Lhuissier

In order to prepare ourselves for the МАТЕМАТИКА project, we decided to conduct several interviews with inspiring women in France, where we are currently based. We had a great pleasure to meet Marie Lhuissier, a mathematical storyteller based in Lyon. The full edited interview with pictures is available, in French, on the website Images des… Continue reading An interview with Marie Lhuissier