An interview with Olga Kravchenko

We are still waiting to be exactly sure when the МАТЕМАТИКА trip can be done! The frontiers are closed, and it is impossible for us at the moment to get out from France. We do not lose hope, and continue doing interviews with fascinating women in mathematics that are around us.

We met this time with an active researcher in the field of Mathematics. Olga Kravchenko has been working at the University Lyon 1 for 20 years, after studying in Moscow and at the MIT. She’s now working on the algebraic knot theory.

This second interview took place in Russian but then has been translated and edited for the French website Images des Maths.

Read the interview (in French)

The connections between different areas of mathematics is what I like the most. I love when the same patterns appear in completely different contexts. Knowing something in one area can give you an illumination in another one.

Olga Kravchenko